Friday, January 3, 2014

Carnival Fascination {departure}

December 9th did not go as planned.
We got up and ready.
Had breakfast at the hotel.
Then we went and returned our rental car.

When we got back to the hotel they told us the ship was late so our shuttle was delayed.
The ship could not dock in Jacksonville because it was too foggy!
We prayed this weather would stay and not follow our cruise ship!

We got to go back to our room 
so we watched some Office to pass the time.
It seemed like we waited forever!
We finally got news that the shuttles were coming at 3.
What a long wasted day!

We finally got on the ship.
The lines were crazy busy because everyone was there at the same time.
We were all anxious to get our vacations started!

We grabbed a late lunch and then watched the ship finally depart from Jacksonville.
We were going to swim or hot tub but we were too cold!
We went to the opening night show which included a comedian and some Motown music.

We kept checking for our bags but they never came!
Finally we went to check at guest services and luckily they were there!
Our room tags had fallen off.
I would have been so mad if we didn't have bags!

We went and had a late dinner at the buffet 
because we didn't feel like changing and going to the dining room.
Then we headed to bad.

It was a really long day!
We were just happy to finally be sailing!

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