Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carnival Fascination {Little Stirrup Cay}

December 12th was our stop in Little Stirrup Cay.
This is a private Island owned by Royal 
but now Royal owns Carnival 
so it's shared.
Even though Royal still calls it Coco Cay.

It was another great day!
We got up and had breakfast and then tendered to the island.

We were looking for the best beach and found a little nature walk so we took that.
We saw chickens and lizards all over the place.
When we got to the end of the trail we were at a beach so we stayed there for a bit.
We walked around and sat in the sun for a bit.

The water was really shallow so we could just walk as far as we wanted.
Sometimes it freaked me out!
Ryan even spotted a baby shark.
Luckily he didn't get up the courage to get too close!

We went and found some hammocks and swung there for awhile.
It was so relaxing!
I could have stayed right there all day.

They provide lunch on the private islands so we went over and had some food.

After lunch we went and shopped at the little shops. 
Then it was back to the beach with the time we had left.

We mostly walked around and played in the water.
There was a ton of stuff to see in the water.
I finally got brave enough to go out far with Ryan.

I am so glad I did because I spotted a sting ray!
It was so cool to see one right there in it's own habitat.
Ryan got some good video of it but here are some pictures he got of all the cool things we saw.

We wanted to find a pretty conch shell and a sand dollar.
We found a pretty ugly conch shell and this amazing sand dollar.
I was so excited that I found it!
I carried it so carefully for a long time.

Then I broke it.
I almost cried.

We finally had to pack up and head back.
The last tender left at 3 so we headed over around 2.
I wish we had longer.

As we were walking to the line it started raining.
Then it started POURING!
It rained so hard the whole time we were in line.
We were soaked!
My hair wasn't wet all day until now.
It looked like we just got out of the water.

We lucked out that it waited until the end of our day.
It would have been disappointing to have that all day.
But I loved it just for a little bit at the end.

We got back on the ship and showered since we were cold and drenched.
We went and had a snack and an ice cream cone.
Then we went and played sorry in the game room. 
I got a little sea sick sitting playing a game so we went and layed down for a bit.

After a little rest we went and took some pictures around the ship and went to dinner.

Tonight Ryan ate frog legs.
I tried one bite and that was more than enough!
I did have this delicious pear for dessert though.

We went and watched karaoke for a bit and then went to the show.
Not ready for this trip to end!

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