Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Carnival Fascination {Nassau}

December 11th was probably my favorite day of this trip.
Our stop in Nassau.
This may be the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
And I feel like I have seen a good amount of beautiful places.

We had breakfast and headed straight off the ship.
We stayed close and just shopped for a souvenir, took some pictures and walked around.
We also went downtown and saw the main streets.
We went back to the ship to grab our stuff and head for our excursion.

Ryan really wanted to snorkel on this trip.
We talked about bringing our own stuff and going on our own.
I was hesitant to do that and get lost or stranded so we chose not to.

We found an excursion that was a catamaran ride and snorkeling.

We decided to be safe and just booked that the night before.
I am so glad we did!

We took the catamaran out for about an hour.
The guys told us about some of the things we were seeing and we just relaxed.
We sat on the net part so we could see the beautiful water the whole way.

We got our gear,
stopped in the middle of nowhere 
and jumped out.

I had never snorkeled before.
It is so amazing.
I couldn't believe how much I loved it.
I thought I would be scared and not want to just jump in
but seeing the fish and sea life so close and in the most beautiful water
was one of the most amazing things I have ever done.

Ryan got a water pouch for his phone so we got some cool video.
This is just one of the pictures.

They made us get back on and I wasn't ready to be done!

We decided it was time to go to the beach and relax.
We hoped on a little water ferry to take us across to Paradise Island to find a beach.
We asked that tour guide where to find a beach.
He told us.
But we still weren't sure where it was.

As we were getting off the ferry there was a couple who said they'd show us to the beach.
We chatted along the walk and found out they were staying there.
Long story short,
we ended up on a resort shuttle they put us on
and ended up at the most beautiful and perfect beach I have ever seen.

This was what we think is a private beach in the Atlantis Resort.
Our catamaran tour guide and the ferry tour guide told us about Atlantis.
How nice it was and how expensive it was.

I am still not sure how we got so lucky to be on this beach 
but we did.
And we liked it!

We decided our next vacation is going to be here.
We can dream right?!

There was no one else on the beach .
The water was warm.
It was just magical!

We watched the sunset over the hotel and then headed back.
We didn't want to leave!
Our whole walk back we saw signs saying you must have a wristband or key card
so we walked pretty fast!

The hotel itself is incredible too.
It's like an underwater land, like all the stories of Atlantis.
The halls are all aquarium and Mayan ruins.
It is truly an experience.

We finally got a taxi back and headed to the ship.
The ship didn't leave until 8pm which was fun so we could stay until dark.

We got showered and went to dinner.
Then we went to a game show show.

What a perfect day!
I can't wait to go back here someday!

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