Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yesterday I was talking to a friend who said she ran into someone she hadn't seen for awhile.
Her friend said something to the effect of
'I wish I hadn't seen you, your life is too perfect and mine is a mess'.

We got to talking about how people are always putting their best parts out in the social media world.
No one is going to blog about the fight they had with their husband the day before
or Instagram the dinner they just burned or the cupcakes they forgot to put flour in.

In the social media world,
every one's life is perfect.

in the real world,
no one's life is perfect.

Today marks six years of me doing this silly blog thing.
I don't do this for money or any real reason.
I just like to document our life.
That conversation with my friend really got me thinking.
I tried to think about the not so perfect things I have put on my blog.
I know I have put some failed recipes
and talked about some of the hard days or times I've gone through.

But for the most part,
I just put the good.

So why is it that we only want to share the good?
I don't necessarily think it's on purpose
but sharing happy and good news is always more fun than bad news.

I just hope people who read my blog and other blogs know that
no one has a perfect life.
No one.

Everyone goes through hard things.

The good news is that life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful.
Plus it would be boring if everything was perfect.
We wouldn't even know how good perfect was
if we never had anything to compare it to.

everyone burns their casserole
everyone fights with their husband
everyone yells at their kids

Life can still be wonderful.

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