Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Last night our ward had the opportunity of cleaning the Bountiful temple.
Ryan signed us up and we were excited since we'd never done it.
By 9pm we were wondering why we signed up since it was 9:30pm-midnight.

I am really glad we did!
It was such a neat experience to clean the beautiful temple. 

We started in the basement that is mainly used by the workers and I kept thinking
"I can't believe they do this every single night, it's not even dirty!"
We vacuumed and dusted and I felt like it was doing no good.
I kept thinking about it and remembered that this is the most sacred place on earth
and it has to stay perfectly clean.
Every single day.

I can't imagine walking through the doors of the temple 
and seeing cob webs on the ceiling or dirt on the ground.

After that they sent Ryan and I to clean the men's locker room.
There was more to do in there and I actually saw our work helping.

I had lots of thoughts about how important it is to keep our lives pure and clean 
every single day
and to always be doing the best we can to be worthy to visit the temple and to go often.

I am so glad we had the chance to go and do this!

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