Thursday, October 2, 2014

life will never be the same...

and we couldn't be more excited 

Baby Sorensen joining us February 2015

We’ve waited a long time for this.
I realize that saying a long time is relative.
I know people who have waited years and years.
In that realm we haven’t waited that long
but it still felt like forever for us.

We couldn’t feel more blessed and excited for this little one to join us.
It’s strange how many emotions one little person you’ve never even met can make you feel.
Of course it’s scary and hard and strange and everything else you can imagine
but it’s perfect and exciting
which outweigh any of the other feelings.

In case you’re wondering…

Baby is due to arrive February 26, 2015
We are not finding out what it is going to be
{Ryan has never wanted to find out and he convinced me that it will be fun}
Yes you can buy clothes and decorate a nursery not knowing the baby’s gender
{we’ve already done that}
We have also picked out a name, one girl and one boy
I am 19 weeks today

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Jillums said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations!!