Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This year has gone by so fast.
I think the older I get the faster time goes by.

Looking back on 2014 all I can think is that it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
We have had some really hard things to deal with
but also some of the best things happened.

I guess it all balances out!
I think we were blessed with the good things to help us move forward every day.

I am looking forward to 2015 and the adventures ahead.

Here are fourteen of my favorite moments from 2014...

We celebrated our first anniversary
with a little getaway to Heber and Park City.
We went to the ice castles and just had a fun time together.

We took a last minute trip to the zoo.
We were going to go to Tracey Aviary
but it wasn't free with our Pass of all Passes
so we opted for the zoo instead.
It was s fun last minute date night.

I love Temple Square at Christmas
but I almost love it more in the spring.
We finally went to Alamexo to eat and then to Temple Square.
The flowers in the spring are so beautiful.

We made a bunch of visits to the cabin.
Some with family, some with friends and some just on our own.
I love having a place to go anytime we want to get away.

We went to Hollywood Connections. 
On a week day.
It was fun to just act like kids and play around together.
We need to do this more often.

Always a favorite is the 
Race for the Cure.
It was a cold day and we had to rush to get to a wedding.
But it's always a fun day with family and I love having Ryan with me.

Another highlight this year was our
trip to Disneyland.
I am so glad we got to go together before our traveling is put on hold!
We went to San Diego, Disneyland and the beach.
It was such a fun getaway.

In June we found out we are having a baby!
Probably the best moment of the year!
We were and are so excited for this blessing and adventure.

We only made it to the lake once this year.
But it was a great day.
I love being out on the lake!
We went two days after I found out I was pregnant
so I took it really easy and only floated on the tube with the kids that didn't like to go fast.

Made the annual Yellowstone trip again.
I love being with Ryan in his favorite place.
Luckily the rain stayed away this year!

I got tickets a year in advance
but the day finally came to see Wicked.
I was so excited to take Ryan to see it.

We went to our ward camp out and 
slept under the stars.
It was a fun time!

It was fun sharing our good news with our families at 12 weeks.
Then at 19 weeks we told everyone else.
It was also magical to see our little one for the first time.
Ultrasounds are pretty incredible.

Christmas this year was one of the best yet.
After months of worrying about Ryan having to work on Christmas Eve and day
he got the flu and wasn't able to work.
The good news of the week came the same day he was home really sick 
when he got a call and was finally offered a position to work for the LDS church.
We are so excited and feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

I am so excited for 2015 and to see what it has in store for us.
After some of the struggles we went through this year
and the joys and blessings that have come
I know 2015 is going to be great!

I am so thankful for the good and the bad days
and the blessing it has been to share them all with Ryan.

Here's s to 2015!

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