Monday, December 1, 2014

give thanks

We had a fun Thanksgiving weekend.
I can't believe it is December already.

Wednesday I had two events for work starting at 3:30am!
It was a crazy early morning but it was fun
and everything worked out.

It started with the Day of Thanks event and then the Turkey Toss.

Thursday was such a nice day.
We slept in and then had Thanksgiving at Kristy and Ben's.
It was delicious and a fun time.

Of course we all went back later that night for leftovers.

Friday we got up and headed to the cabin for the weekend.
We just relaxed and went to the fish place that night.

Saturday we went and picked out trees.
It was a fun day and log since my dad was so picky about his tree!
I love doing this every year.

We went back and showered and relaxed and then went to the light parade in town.
It was short but still fun to see.
We walked around town and then got some dinner.

It was a nice weekend away spending time together.

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