Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bountiful temple

I made a goal this year
so by default,
Ryan made the goal too,
to go to every temple in Utah this year.

This is also on my 30 before 30 list.
I almost made it a couple years ago but missed Monticello.

There are 13 operating now
and hopefully Ogden will be done before the year is over.

Last night we went to the Bountiful temple.
{we'd already been but I didn't take any pictures so this counts as our first} 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

one year

I can't believe it's been a whole year since this perfect day.
I am so excited for forever more 
and the love and adventures we have ahead.

Love you Ryan!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

international auto expo

We went to the car show Saturday
with Jason and Meridith and kids, plus Kristy's kids.
It was fun to hang out with them.

The show was okay,
I'd never actually pay to go
but for free it's always something to do in the winter!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

dead sea scrolls

We went to the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Leonardo the other night.
It was really interesting to see all that they had there.
And to learn a little bit about the history of it all.

They even have a piece of the Western Wall you can leave a wish or prayer at.

Go check it out!
It goes through April.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Carnival Fascination {disembark}

The worst day of the trip came December 14th.
The day we had to go home.

We got up and ready and went for breakfast.
Then we waited for our number to be called to disembark.

We waited for our shuttle and then went to the airport.
The Jacksonville airport had some harp performers
and since our plane was delayed {of course} we had some time to sit and enjoy it.

We finally got home around 9pm after a long day of travel.

I am so thankful we had this opportunity
and I am so glad I got to spend a whole week with my love.
We had so much fun celebrating the first year of our married life.
I can't wait for all the adventures the rest of the years will bring.

Forever is a long time to enjoy these days together
but I don't know if it will be long enough!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Carnival Fascination {day at sea}

December 13th brought our last day on the ship
and sadly our last day of vacation.

We took it easy and enjoyed our last day of relaxation and sunshine.

We slept in then went for a late breakfast.
We sat in the hot tub for a bit then finally went down the water slide.
It was really fun!
I wish it was clear even though that would be scary!

We finally got our pictures with the Carnival fin
even though you can't really see us...

We walked around and then headed to the Serenity hot tub.
It was nice because it is the adult hot tub so no kids allowed!
Then we got some chocolate fountain and some lunch.

After lunch we went to a Christmas show they had.
It was cute and fun.
Santa came at the end so of course I had to get my picture with him.
I also had to get my picture with the cast of the shows.

Then to make things even more Christamsy they had it snow in the atrium after the show.
Cruises are fun at Christmas time.

After the snow we went and rested, packed and got showered.
We weren't hungry yet so we just walked around.

We decided to mini golf since it had been too windy the last time we tried.
It was fun to do in the dark.

We went and got a few more pictures with the Christmas trees.
And of course went to buy our ship souvenirs.

Then we went to dinner.
Tonight the waiters all did a 'thank you' performance.
They danced to Gangnam Style which was hilarious.

We went back to change and pack the last of our things to get our luggage out.
We went for a walk around the deck and sat outside for awhile.
We also enjoyed one last ice cream cone.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Carnival Fascination {Little Stirrup Cay}

December 12th was our stop in Little Stirrup Cay.
This is a private Island owned by Royal 
but now Royal owns Carnival 
so it's shared.
Even though Royal still calls it Coco Cay.

It was another great day!
We got up and had breakfast and then tendered to the island.

We were looking for the best beach and found a little nature walk so we took that.
We saw chickens and lizards all over the place.
When we got to the end of the trail we were at a beach so we stayed there for a bit.
We walked around and sat in the sun for a bit.

The water was really shallow so we could just walk as far as we wanted.
Sometimes it freaked me out!
Ryan even spotted a baby shark.
Luckily he didn't get up the courage to get too close!

We went and found some hammocks and swung there for awhile.
It was so relaxing!
I could have stayed right there all day.

They provide lunch on the private islands so we went over and had some food.

After lunch we went and shopped at the little shops. 
Then it was back to the beach with the time we had left.

We mostly walked around and played in the water.
There was a ton of stuff to see in the water.
I finally got brave enough to go out far with Ryan.

I am so glad I did because I spotted a sting ray!
It was so cool to see one right there in it's own habitat.
Ryan got some good video of it but here are some pictures he got of all the cool things we saw.

We wanted to find a pretty conch shell and a sand dollar.
We found a pretty ugly conch shell and this amazing sand dollar.
I was so excited that I found it!
I carried it so carefully for a long time.

Then I broke it.
I almost cried.

We finally had to pack up and head back.
The last tender left at 3 so we headed over around 2.
I wish we had longer.

As we were walking to the line it started raining.
Then it started POURING!
It rained so hard the whole time we were in line.
We were soaked!
My hair wasn't wet all day until now.
It looked like we just got out of the water.

We lucked out that it waited until the end of our day.
It would have been disappointing to have that all day.
But I loved it just for a little bit at the end.

We got back on the ship and showered since we were cold and drenched.
We went and had a snack and an ice cream cone.
Then we went and played sorry in the game room. 
I got a little sea sick sitting playing a game so we went and layed down for a bit.

After a little rest we went and took some pictures around the ship and went to dinner.

Tonight Ryan ate frog legs.
I tried one bite and that was more than enough!
I did have this delicious pear for dessert though.

We went and watched karaoke for a bit and then went to the show.
Not ready for this trip to end!