Thursday, January 22, 2015

the chair

I really wanted an old looking, beautiful heirloom rocking chair for the nursery.
I jumped the gun and bought a lame white one for $15 from KSL awhile ago.
I wasn't happy with it so I kept looking.

I looked into getting a new one but they just don't make them like they used to!
Nothing I found seemed like a piece that would last forever and someday rock our grand babies.

I finally found exactly what I wanted on KSL again!
We went out to look at it and bought it.
I was so excited about it!

I thought about getting it painted a fun color but after talking about it
we decided to stain it so it would be a classic color and last forever.

Ryan decided he wanted to do the work himself.
I was all about paying someone else to do it!

He spent so many hours and put in so much hard work!
I think he wanted to burn it most of the time...
It really took a long long time.
Mostly because Ryan is a perfectionist and wanted it done just right.

The end result, 
it is perfect!
I cannot wait to rock our little one to sleep in the chair that Ryan worked so hard on.

I hope someday our children will cherish this chair 
and remember us as the rock their own children in it.

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Haylee said...

Wow! He is a perfectionist! It is BEAUTIFUL! What a treasure it will be! And I CANNOT wait to find out if you will be rocking a girl or a boy! Barely over 1 month left!! Eek!