Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Star Valley Temple

We went to the cabin last weekend for the
Star Valley Temple groundbreaking ceremony.
I have been going to my cabin my whole life
and now there will be a temple right up the street.
It is literally 2 miles from our front door!

I am so excited to see the progress and be able to share this with Hunter.
The temple should be done in about 2 years.

Dad, Kristy and Ben and their girls all went up earlier.
Ryan and I left Friday when Ryan got home from work.
We got to the cabin around 10 and just got ready for bed.

Saturday morning we just hung out around the cabin.
A skunk had been 'living' in Jason and Meridith's window well for almost 5 weeks.
It must have fallen in there and was too deep to get back out.
The poor thing died finally so we had to get it out.

The window well is one that is under the deck so it was easier to take it out through the cabin.
So gross!
I was ready to video and become famous when the skunk came back to life and flipped out spraying all over the cabin!
Fortunately it didn't happen. 
{or unfortunately!}

Hunter didn't sleep that well either night but he was still so good.
He did get a few naps in.

Then it was time to get to the groundbreaking.
It was so fun to be there!
There was about 3,000 people and the excitement was in abundance!

The sound system was terrible so we really couldn't hear a thing.
By the last speaker or two a guy in front of us tuned in on the radio station broadcast
so we at least heard the dedicatory prayer.

We weren't prepared in the shoe department.
I guess we didn't realize it would be snowy and rainy the whole day before.
Gym shoes it was!

Dad forgot his sunglasses...

The weather held out even though the forecast called for rain.
It was a beautiful day, we even got some sunburns.

We weren't able to see the actual groundbreaking
but I borrowed some pictures from news articles...

After the groundbreaking we all went to Jaun's for dinner.

Sunday we just relaxed at the cabin, cleaned up and headed home.

It was fun taking Hunter for the first time!
We can't wait to make lots of memories here with him.

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