Monday, November 30, 2015

giving thanks

We spent Thanksgiving at the cabin this year.
We only decided about a week before but I am so glad we went.

We drove up Thursday morning so we didn't have to risk the icy roads in the dark.
We had dinner around 5 that night and just relaxed.

Friday we went tree hunting.
I have loved this tradition since my family started it awhile back
and have loved sharing it with Ryan and we really had fun sharing it with Hunter this year.

He loved it!
Or so I think.
I have learned that Hunter just loves to take in his surroundings.
He doesn't always show his emotion/excitement a ton when he's doing something big and new.
Instead he sits quietly and takes it all in.
I love that about him.

We found the perfect tree!
And had fun playing in the show.
It was cold but sunny so it didn't seem too bad.

We just relaxed at the cabin that night and had leftovers for dinner.

Saturday we just relaxed at the cabin.
{Hunter did NOT sleep well this trip so we were exhausted}
That afternoon we went into Afton for dinner and the light parade.
The parade is about 5 minutes long but it's a fun {and cold} little outing.
Then they had a small festival of trees so we went to look around at that.

We didn't know it, and I'm still not sure if we were supposed to pay,
but Santa was there so we had to take advantage and get Hunter's picture with him.
I wasn't sure how Hunter would react but he just looked at him.
He wasn't scared at all.

Sunday we cleaned up and headed home.
We were really lucky with the weather and pretty good road conditions.

We had such a fun weekend!
I am so thankful for this little family of mine and the fun memories we get to make together.

Now if you want to see 70 pictures of my baby's first time playing in the snow...