Friday, January 29, 2016

Sorensens Sail day 6 {Catalina Island}

Today was our stop to Catalina Island.
It was a little bit rainy and chilly but it was a fun day.

We tendered to the island in the morning.
Some people rented golf carts to drive around the island.
We just walked through some shops and around the island.
We spent awhile at Lover's Cove and enjoyed the rocks and water.

Hunter liked playing around on the rock beach.
He didn't seem to mind that it was pretty cold!

It was the formal night back on the ship.
After a crazy dinner last night we thought we'd try to get an earlier dinner time.
We did, but they sat us at the end of another groups table!.
Hunter screamed as soon as we sat down so we left.
Hunter fell asleep so Ryan stayed with him while I went to the late dinner with everyone 
and brought Ryan's dinner to the room.

Ryan and Hunter lucked out and only had to be in their 'fancy' clothes for about 30 minutes!

Today was Carson's birthday so the waiters sang to him.
I think he thought it was pretty cool being on a cruise for his birthday!

January 18, 2016

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