Monday, February 1, 2016

Sorensens Sail day 7 {Ensenada, Mexico}

Today we visited Ensenada, Mexico.
Luckily we had better weather.

We started walking around the town, shopped for a few souvenirs,  
then were stopped by some horse carriage guys.

We decided to go for it!

They took us around the town, to the beach and then to a fish taco place.
I'm not a huge fish person, I just wanted authentic chips and guacamole.
Well...the didn't know what that was!
And they didn't really speak English.
After I asked 10 times they whipped something up.
Broken tortillas and some weird green paste.
I stuck with my authentic Fanta.

We were going to go back and eat on the ship but everyone ordered a ton of tacos
so there was plenty to go around.
I had a couple bites and then Ryan enjoyed the rest.
Ben speaks Spanish so he went to figure out the bills and it was only $20 for everything!
I think we had 10-15 tacos and probably that many drinks!

We went back and hung around the ship and relaxed.
Hunter napped so we decided to try dinner again.
Thankfully he did great through most of it!
He even slept pretty well that night.

Sean was our room cleaner.
He was always so nice and would talk to Hunter every time we saw him.
The workers on cruise ships always amaze me!

January 19. 2106

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