Wednesday, June 1, 2016


I saw a lot of people commenting negative things on other's Memorial Day posts.
Giving people a bad time for celebrating Memorial Day for the wrong reasons.
One girl posted about celebrating her baby who died and people were so mean.
Saying the holiday is to honor veterans and people who fought for our country.

I say go look at the cemetery on Memorial Day...
All those beautiful flowers are for more than just veterans.
I get it, it is great to have a day for that.
So many have died defending our country, we should honor them.

But let's all be kind and let people celebrate how they'd like.

Thursday Kristy and I took the kids to decorate my mom's grave.
No she did not die defending our country,
but she deserves to be memorialized too.

The girls had fun putting the pinwheels in
and Hunter had fun pulling them out!

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