Wednesday, July 13, 2016

old faithful

Camping with kids is a lot of work.
But it is also a lot of fun!
Hunter had the time of his life.
At one point he was in the car and just started saying 'happy' over and over.
It melted my heart.
I guess Yellowstone is his happy place, just like daddy.

We left on the 2nd and drove straight up.
Hunter did pretty good with a stop at McDonald's play land.

We just got set up once we go there and had tinfoil dinners that night.

The 3rd started with a surprise birthday breakfast for Janae.
Her birthday is in September but we were all together so it was fun to celebrate.

Then we went on a hike with Derek and Rachel.
Unfortunately it started raining only about a mile in
and we didn't dare get caught in that with Hunter so we headed back to the car.
It poured for a little bit but Derek and Rachel survived.

Later that night we had brats {while everyone else had tinfoil dinners, bad planning}
and luckily the rain stopped for most of the evening so we could enjoy a fire.

The 4th was the day of celebration!
We had a big breakfast with all the Larsen clan 
and did all of the family traditions.

We mostly hung out and relaxed that afternoon 
then headed into West that night for fireworks.
They put on the best firework show.
We had dinner while we waited.
I wasn't sure how Hunter would do so late but he loved all the fireworks.
He would laugh and point and get all excited with each one.
And that was all before the big show started!
He fell asleep about halfway through but he loved what he saw.

We went to the ranger station the next morning.
Hunter loved exploring everything and playing in the dirt all day long.

We finally went touring after a little bit of rain the days before.
We went to Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake and Grand Prismatic {my favorite}
It was so so busy that everything seemed to take an extra long time.
I think it took 30+ minutes to even park at Old Faithful.

We came back for a fire and enjoyed camp.
Hunter loved just playing and being at our campsite. 

We finally saw some animals {besides buffalo} on our last day.
We went to a few more spots and had a fun picnic.
Hunter got his first, and only injury at the picnic when he fell on a log.
It cut through his jeans, onesie and diaper!
Luckily it was tiny but I felt bad he got hurt.

We stopped at Dragon's Mouth last.
Hunter slept in the car with grandpa so Ryan and I could enjoy it.

We had brats again on our last fire and called it a night.

The last day started late.
Hunter slept until 10 when I started slowly taking his warm clothes off.
I was worried he was going to die in the hot tent!
Thankfully he slept great this whole trip. 
He woke up one night screaming, he must have had a nightmare.
Other than that he was a champ!

We packed up and headed home.

Always such a fun trip!
This year was especially fun watching Hunter experience it all.
He was in his element and loves exploring all day everyday.

I sure love spending time with my little family in such a beautiful place.

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