Tuesday, August 23, 2016

camp Piuta

I had the opportunity to spend a week with the Young Women in our ward at girls camp.

What a week we had!

I loved getting to know these amazing girls 
and share laughs, tears and some great experiences with them.
{we even shared some mice at 4am}

I was nervous to leave home and especially Hunter. 
I was nervous entering into the unknown of caring for these girls that I hardly knew.
I was nervous when everything seemed to go wrong the days before leaving.

But somehow, everything worked out perfectly.
Everything went smoothly and everyone was safe and had fun.

I loved watching these girls.
All so different yet they all got along and enjoyed spending time together.
They worked together, played together and grew together.

I am so thankful for this experience.
It really reminded me of the special times I had as a young woman going to camp.
Those are some of my fondest memories growing up
and some of my best friendships made.

I hope these girls will look back in 20 years and have those same feelings.

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