Monday, September 5, 2016

eighteen months

I have been keeping a list on my phone of all the cute little things Hunter is doing and learning.

Then before I knew it he was 18 months!

So here are some of his fun things from the past few months.

27 pounds

holds his hands together for prayer but only for a few seconds. especially dinner, he's usually eating while we finish prayer. but loves to say amen

loves to put things in other things and lids on everything 

loves to turn lights on and ring doorbells

says so many words! wow, mom, dad (all day long), grandma, doggy, Eliza, Reese, no, hi, bye bye, ball, shoe, chocolate, 'cheese' for the camera, Hunter (Hunty), amen, uh oh, blue, yellow, balloon, look, light, let's go, bubble, water, keys, papa, shower, on, off, shoe, socks, walk, color, thank you, you're welcome, help, apple, banana, pizza, look, b (for blanket), water, hot, fire, blue berry, buckle, I want it, na night, all better, want it, all done, all gone, potty

Says 'YOU' when he knows he's being naughty because that's what Ryan says when he's in trouble 

says shhh with his finger up to his lips 

waves and claps

can show you his eyes and nose

loves breakfast. especially bananas

loves junk food and fruit the most

finally got off a bottle at bed time 

sleeps through the night (finally)

stands up in his high chair when he's done eating, turns around and sits on the tray. also tries to climb out on the regular. we've since updated to a booster

makes the best faces

gets so excited when daddy comes home 

has the best belly laugh when he's tickled or chased 

climbs like it's his job. he'll carry around his toy drum as a stool to climb on whatever he wants

knows what an elephant and a giraffe say. we're still working on expanding that list

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