Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sorensens See Colorado {day 2}

This trip worked out so perfectly.
We talked about going to the Fort Collins Temple open house as soon as they announced a temple there.
And as long as I've known Ryan we have talked about someday going to a Broncos game.

It just so happened that we made it to the NFL season opener, Super Bowl rematch, only Broncos game on a Thursday.
And it was the last weekend of the temple open house.
I think it was meant to be.

Thursday was the big day!
We started the morning by going to Garden of the Gods.
It was so awesome!
It reminded me a little bit of Moab but was even more beautiful.
We spent a couple hours there walking and driving through.

We went and got Hunter a Broncos jersey at Walmart, 
because why spend $40 when you can get the same thing for $14 at the local Walmart?!

Then we went to Good Times for lunch.

After lunch we went and checked in to our room for the night and got changed for the game.
We did air bnb and it was awesome!

We stayed in a multi million dollar neighborhood in Denver.
It was the best stay of the trip!

Then we headed to the NFL Kickoff Party at the Civic Center.
It was so much fun seeing the trophy, the rings, and just feeling the excitement in the city.

We made our way to the stadium to be there in time for all the opening festivities.
Being at an NFL game, especially one with this much hype, is like nothing I've ever experienced.
I say I am a Broncos fan by marriage but this game made me love watching them!

They ONE point!
My heart was racing those last few minutes!
Ryan said either way he'd be happy we were there,
but a win made it that much more sweet!
And I really knew he'd be sad if they lost.
I think I was as nervous about him wanting them to win as actually wanting them to win!

This night and this game definitely made the whole trip worth it!

We went down to the front row after the stadium cleared out just to enjoy it a little longer.
Such a fun night!

We got back to our room late but couldn't sleep after all that excitement!
I am so glad we were there and got to experience this!
Once in a/our lifetime night!

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