Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sorensens See Colorado {day 4}

Saturday morning we headed to the Fort Collins temple open house.
These temples just keep getting better and better!
I cannot believe how beautiful and ornate this temple was.
From the navy blue roofing to the rose gold chandeliers.
So so incredible!

It was the last day of the open house so I thought it would be super busy
it was nothing like how busy some are in Utah!
People were saying it was a busy day but it didn't seem too bad to us.
We could actually walk slowly and stay in rooms if we wanted to for a few minutes.
It was really nice.

After the temple we started our trek home.
We drove a little over halfway and camped at Dinosaur National Monument.
I was a little nervous driving in the dark down a steep, windy, animal covered, dirt road.
But once we made it to the camp area I felt much better.

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