Friday, September 23, 2016

Sorensens See Colorado {day 5}

Sunday we woke up and explored around our camp.
We saw petroglyphs and some cool rock formations.
Ryan was determined to find the fossils that gave Dinosaur National Monument its name,
but we started to think the name was just to get people to visit.

We did a long scenic drive and then headed to the ranger station.
We finally found out that the fossils are at the Utah entrance of the park so we headed that way.

We made it to the museum and saw the wall full of fossils they have preserved.
It was really neat to see and learn about.

We grabbed a quick lunch and made our way back home.
The drive home seemed much longer than the way there.
But we were excited to see Hunter.

I am so glad we had this opportunity.
We had such a fun time and everything worked out perfectly!
We got to see everything we had planned but definitely want to see more.
We'll be back!

Until next time Colorado!

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