Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Star Valley Temple

I still remember the day this temple was announced at General conference.
Then we went to the groundbreaking ceremony.
Then we watched it go up each time we visited the cabin.

I couldn't let the open house pass by without going to visit.
It was hard to find a time that would work with schedules.
My dad offered to take Hunter and I on a quick overnight trip.
It was a lot of driving for a very short stay,
but I'd say it was worth it.

We went last Thursday afternoon.
We went to the cabin to get the heat turned on and then headed to eat.
We had a yummy dinner at the fish place.
By the time we got to the temple it was snowing like crazy!
Luckily we got right in so we weren't too cold.
When we got out the snow had let up and it was a beautiful night.
We went to get an ice cream cone and headed back to the cabin.

Friday we just got up and headed home.
Shortest cabin trip ever!

Hunter was so good both ways and we had a nice little stay!

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