Monday, September 26, 2016


365 more day have passed.

A friend sent me a song a couple weeks ago.
And it has been on constant repeat.

It's funny how a famous singer, who is a complete stranger, knows exactly how I feel.
She lost her mom a couple years ago so I guess she knows how I feel
because she feels it too.

"I Remember Her"
Ingrid Michaelson

There’s a house, that’s not on a hill
And the paint’s chipping off
Of the old window sill
There’s a tree in the front yard
That’s older than me
And older than all of you

There’s a smell that the heat makes
It reminds me of Christmas
And birthdays in December
I remember her
I remember her so well

But things they fade

She would kiss my hand
She would kiss my head
Then she’d fall asleep with me
In my tiny bed
She would sing me lullabies
Gave me my hazel eyes
And then she’d call me beautiful
She made me beautiful

I remember her
I remember her so well

But things they fade
Things turn to grey
As much as I try to save them
They turn grey
Just like the house, that’s not on a hill
With all of the rust on the gate
The chips on the sill
But I love it still

Friday, September 23, 2016

Sorensens See Colorado {day 5}

Sunday we woke up and explored around our camp.
We saw petroglyphs and some cool rock formations.
Ryan was determined to find the fossils that gave Dinosaur National Monument its name,
but we started to think the name was just to get people to visit.

We did a long scenic drive and then headed to the ranger station.
We finally found out that the fossils are at the Utah entrance of the park so we headed that way.

We made it to the museum and saw the wall full of fossils they have preserved.
It was really neat to see and learn about.

We grabbed a quick lunch and made our way back home.
The drive home seemed much longer than the way there.
But we were excited to see Hunter.

I am so glad we had this opportunity.
We had such a fun time and everything worked out perfectly!
We got to see everything we had planned but definitely want to see more.
We'll be back!

Until next time Colorado!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sorensens See Colorado {day 4}

Saturday morning we headed to the Fort Collins temple open house.
These temples just keep getting better and better!
I cannot believe how beautiful and ornate this temple was.
From the navy blue roofing to the rose gold chandeliers.
So so incredible!

It was the last day of the open house so I thought it would be super busy
it was nothing like how busy some are in Utah!
People were saying it was a busy day but it didn't seem too bad to us.
We could actually walk slowly and stay in rooms if we wanted to for a few minutes.
It was really nice.

After the temple we started our trek home.
We drove a little over halfway and camped at Dinosaur National Monument.
I was a little nervous driving in the dark down a steep, windy, animal covered, dirt road.
But once we made it to the camp area I felt much better.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Sorensens See Colorado {day 3}

Friday morning started at the Denver Temple.
It was a nice calm morning after such a crazy rowdy night!

We went and had lunch at Shawarma.
Basically a Mediterranean Cafe Rio but it was so good!

Then we hit VooDoo for a treat for the road.
I am still craving more of that peach fritter.
I think all the things on my to do list for this trip included food...

Then we drove around Longmont.
We went by Ryan's high school and old house.
It was fun to see the old stomping grounds!

We made our way to Estes Park and I really fell in love with Colorado.

Another one of my to do stops was the Colorado Cherry Company.
We got some juice and made our way along.

We went to Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked to Emerald Lake.
It was a beautiful hike with 3 lakes along the way.
There is so much beauty to be found in this world!
I just want to travel my life away!

We relaxed for awhile at the top and really enjoyed our time.
I even found a rock that had a recliner seat shaped just for me!

We saw some elk on our way out, 
too bad it was too dark for a picture!

We were starving after a long day of hiking so we went and found some delicious Mexican food.
We called it a night after searching for our hotel for longer than we'd like!
Luckily we found it and all was well.
Even though it felt like a motel from a murder movie!