Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sorensens See Hawaii {day 1}

Back in November my sister in law Rachel sent a text to the whole family
saying he was taking us all to Hawaii in February!
I thought it had to be a joke!
I told her this was not a funny joke for someone who had never been to Hawaii.

The trip was planned and booked, but I still had a hard time believing it!

February 11th rolled around and we were headed to the airport.

I was so nervous for the flight.
We flew to Phoenix and then to Kona.
About 8 hours total flying time.

We had a few hours in Phoenix which was good to let Hunter run around.
He loved the standing elevators.
I think we went back and forth a thousand times.

I had a huge carry on full of toys, books and treats to try to occupy Hunter
while he sat on our laps for that long.

To our surprise he was a total champ!
I still cannot believe how good he was.

The last 20 minutes or so to Kona he was spent so he'd cry for a second then stop.
He cried/screamed for maybe 10 minutes the entire time.

We got to Kona, got our car, hit Costco and Walmart and headed to our house.
Ready for our Hawaii adventures to begin!

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