Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sorensens See Hawaii {day 2}

February 12, 2017

We started the day with church.
How can you not love a tiny little Hawaiian ward.
A cute man even gave us fresh avocados that soon made the best guac I've ever had.

We went to Black Sand beach after church to take some family pictures.
Hunter's pants were wet before everyone even arrived!
His obsession with the ocean started hard and fast.
He loved every minute at the beach.

It was so fun seeing him explore and experience new things.
Fun and exhausting!

It was super windy so the family pictures didn't work out too well.
We should have tried again another day but we never did.

We went back to the house and had a quick lunch.
Then we packed up and went to Volcanoes National Park.

Later we grabbed some Subway and went and rented bikes to bike to the famous lava hose.
The lava hose started pouring into the ocean in January.
A couple weeks before our trip it collapsed.
Then right before our trip it started spraying again!

We were so lucky to be able to see it.
It was incredible!

You bike 4 miles up and have an incredible view of the lava.
It was way past Hunter's bedtime but he loved riding in the bike trailer
and sitting and playing in the rocks while we watched the lava at the top.

The bike ride back felt harder, we'll blame the dark or the saddle soreness.
But we made it to the car and made it back to the house pretty late. 

Long story short, but one to remember...
Rachel flushed her rental car key down a toilet at McDonald's!
They didn't get back until after midnight,
after getting a tow truck and Cameron and Alicia going back to pick them up.
Luckily it all worked out in the end and she quickly got it fixed the next day.
Just a $250 bummer!

Other than that we had a great first day exploring Hawaii!

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