Friday, March 17, 2017

Sorensens See Hawaii {day 5}

February 15, 2107

Today we started at Pu'uhonua O Honaunau national park.
Also known as the Place of Refuge.
It was interesting but not much to see.
Hunter found his souvenir turtle so it was worth it!

We quickly headed to the closest beach to cool off and play in the water.
We saw some sea turtles in the really shallow water so Hunter got to see them.
I am so glad he got to see some real turtles.

Ryan and I went out to snorkel for a bit.
The water was a little rough once we crossed over and my goggles kept fogging up.
It wasn't the best snorkeling of the trip.

I slammed into a rock wall so I decided I was done and going to head back in.
Ryan noticed another wave coming so he tried to push me away from the wall 
and ended up putting his hand right down on a sea urchin!

I looked and figured he'd just pull them out so we headed back to the beach.
Once we go there we realized he was in terrible pain!
I think we all got worried and weren't sure what to do.
Rachel took charge and took Ryan right to Urgent Care in Kona.
I knew Ryan was in excruciating pain to agree to go to the doctor so quickly.

When they left I tried making some calls to Urgent Care, pharmacies, etc. 
to try and get some answers before they made it to Kona.
No one would help me so we figured it was best they just went to get checked.

Thankfully the receptionist was kind enough to tell him that there isn't a whole lot a doctor can do.
Sea urchin spines are very delicate and just break if you try to pull them out.
Apparently your body will just eventually break them down and get rid of them.
She gave him a few ideas to try; soaking, bandaging, etc and said there was no need to spend the time and money on seeing the doctor.

Rachel took him to the drug store to get some supplies and they made their way back to meet us.

My favorite part is that while at the drug store a little old Hawaiian woman told him that he needed to get them cut out because they sea urchins stay alive in you and will grow inside of your body and kill you.

We're going to hope that's just an ancient tale...

Meanwhile, we finished and packed up at the beach and waited for them to get back.

By now we were ready to call it a night and head home after a long crazy day!
We stopped at the store to grab some brats to BBQ and had dinner at the house.

I finally made guac with the avocado from church and I think it was the best I have ever tasted.
We also had delicious oranges from the property.

Ryan was in pain and kept soaking his finger
but it was nice to just be back and relax at the house.

Hunter was wiped out every night so he slept so well.
He's almost too big for his pack n play.

{update: Ryan's fingers still have some sea urchin spines, but I don't think they have taken over his body}

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