Thursday, August 31, 2017


We used to go to Cody Wyoming every other year.
The last time we all went was 2009, so it had been awhile.

We left July 20th and headed to the cabin for the night.
Hunter did great on the drive and of course did not want to go to bed once we got there.

July 21st we got up and drove to Jackson for a delicious breakfast at Bubba's.
Then we drove through Yellowstone
with a stop at Old Faithful.

Once we got to Cody we got checked in and relaxed for a bit at our cabins.
Then we got ready for the Cody Cattle Company dinner and show.
It was a lot of fun!
Hunter LOVED running wild and dancing to all the music with his cousins.
I couldn't stop him after two days in the car!

It was dad's birthday so we celebrated with a DQ cake.

July 22nd was the little kids horsie ride.
They were too young to go with everyone else,
and I couldn't go,
so we took the little ones the day before the rest of the family went.

I think this was the best day of their lives!
And I can't get over how cute Hunter looked in those tiny stirrups.

Ryan walked with him but he did great on the horse by himself.
He LOVED it and still talks about it!

We went to the Buffalo Bill Dam on our way back.
Then Kristy decided to see if we could swim at the hotel next door.
Best decision of the trip!
Our place had a large hot tub. 
I was hoping it would be cool enough but it was really hot.
After a little swim we showered and rested.

That night we went to the Cody rodeo.
It was not the best rodeo but a fun night.

We decided to break up our drive again so we left July 23rd back to the cabin for the night.
We had a nice drive through Yellowstone.
We drove through Hayden Valley and just enjoyed the day.
We saw buffalo, moose, elk and a few other things.
We had lunch at Canyon and made our way to the cabin.

July 24th we packed back up and left for home.
With a stop at Red Baron for lunch on the way out.

What a fun little trip we had!
Thanks to dad for making it all happen!

We will cherish the memories forever!!!

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