Friday, March 31, 2017

Sorensens See Hawaii {day 11}

February 21, 2017

Today was our last day in Hawaii.
Sad to see it end!

We spent the morning packing up.

Then we had to go to Panalu'u one more time for lunch and of course malasadas.

We went and gathered our things and headed toward the airport.

We stopped for a fancy last Hawaiian dinner at McDonald's.

Then we went to the Old Airport Park to watch the beautiful sunset one more time.
Hunter had a ball playing in the sand one last time.

We finally made it to Scandinavian Shave Ice
and it was worth the wait.
I just wish we had had more shave ice.

We headed to the airport, got checked in and Hunter in his jammies 
and thankfully he was out for the night.

Hunter was such a champ on the flight home.
He slept sprawled across our laps the whole time to Phoenix.
He'd toss and turn but never fully woke up.
Thank the heavens!
Ryan and I didn't get a minute of sleep but I'd rather Hunter sleep and not scream than me sleep.

By the time we got to Phoenix we were exhausted!
Hunter was happy to have some space to run around but we were too tired to chase him!
We finally got on our last flight and had fancy screens.
I put Toy Story on for Hunter and he passed right out again!
I thought he'd be awake on this flight but I was wrong!

We finally made it home after a very long night.

We got a few things unpacked then crashed!
We all went to bed at 6pm and Hunter slept till 9 the next day.

What a trip!

We can't thank Rachel enough for making this all happen!
The memories will last a lifetime!

Aloha and mahalo Hawaii
until next time!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sorensen See Hawaii {day 10}

February 20, 2017

We wanted to go spend some more time at Black Sand beach so we went there first thing today.
We were so lucky to see a turtle make his way onto the beach.
Hunter loved it!

We weren't planning on getting too wet but you can't keep this boy out of the ocean.

After the beach we went to the Mauna Loa factory.
I thought this place seemed silly and I didn't care to go
but it was actually a lot of fun and we got some delicious nuts to bring home.

Then we met up with everyone at Carl Smith Beach and got to see some more turtles.
I am so so glad we got to see so many turtles on this trip.

Then we finally made it to Pahoa Fresh Fish.
Too bad none of us were impressed!
We all tried the ono fish and it was not what we were expecting.
Should have stuck with the cod but wanted to try the local fish.

After lunch we went to Lave Tree park.
It was a quick walk where Hunter managed to skin his poor knees again.

Then we headed back to Kopoho Tide Pools for our last snorkeling of the trip.
I didn't go out last time so I am so glad I did this time.
It was incredible!

So much amazing coral and beautiful fish.
Great last snorkel stop.

We headed to the Jagger Museum to see the lava pots.
Such an amazing view but it was so cold!
Hunter and I stayed in the gift shop and museum most of the time while Ryan got photos.

Hunter got some binoculars to take home so he was happy to wait for daddy.